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74 percent of businesses have already witnessed the cybersecurity skills gap take a toll on their bottom line. As such, it’s critical that organizations seek alternatives to compensate for the lack of #cybersecurity professionals that are needed to keep them secure. Read this article to learn more about this and other key cybersecurity predictions for 2020.

@Azure Security Center has grown rapidly in usage and capabilities. Read how Security Center works with #AzureSentinel to secure infrastructure efficiently. Then contact CANDI to learn more.

3 reasons to invest in Microsoft Azure AI

In three years, businesses will report $40B in additional revenue driven by AI. This means that without a doubt, #ArtificialIntelligence will become a key factor in the ability of organizations to innovate and improve efficiency. In this infographic, you’ll learn how investing in #Microsoft #AzureAI can open up new revenue-generating opportunities for your business in the digital age.

Thanks to the implementation of customized, impactful retail experiences, brick-and-mortar stores have proven they’re here to stay. So how exactly are retail businesses leveraging digital tools like #chatbots, #IoT, and #Microsoft #Dynamics365 to remain relevant and retain their consumer base? Read this infographic to find out.

Within three years, 43 percent of the global workforce will become mobile, making the need for reliable and scalable cloud-based security a crucial one. In this infographic, you’ll gain insights into the #opportunities and #risks that businesses encounter when moving to the intelligent business #cloud.

Microsoft Sentinel

@Microsoft #AzureSentinel helps customers simplify their security operations and scale as they grow. It’s intelligent, integrated security analytics for your entire enterprise. Learn more here.

With more people working remotely than ever before, @Microsoft recently added new capabilities to Windows #VirtualDesktop to make remote work faster, productive, and secure. Check out how Microsoft listened to customers and pivoted, and contact CANDI to learn more.

From electric cars to solar-powered smart houses, using clean energy sources has become a top priority to ensure the sustainability of our societies. Thankfully, digital is empowering us to find innovative and accessible ways to improve the impact of our existing solutions. Follow CANDI to learn more about how you can make your clean energy initiatives a reality with the power of Microsoft Azure.


@Microsoft delivers a unified identity investigation experience across on-premises and cloud. Secure your hybrid-cloud environments and work anywhere. Stay secure on any device and stay up to date on how. Subscribe now!

#Retail has evolved. And in this era of knowledgeable consumers and experience-based shopping, nothing is more important than consistently surpassing #CustomerExpectations with digital. Follow CANDI to stay updated on how you can improve customer satisfaction and get started with #Microsoft for Retail.

Regain control of your business by dedicating resources to work on increasing productivity and innovation instead of on constant #security and #compliance updates. Let CANDI help you create a more efficient organization with the help of #Microsoft365.

What does a digital security transformation on a grand scale look like? St. Luke’s University Health Network embarked on a journey using the @Microsoft 365 productivity cloud to empower its 17,000 employees. Watch this video to learn more.