Site Visits

Paperless Site Visit Form

Site Visits is an application, that automates and digitizes the whole process that is related to technical staff site visits. The solution, based on Microsoft 365 Platform (SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate and Teams), boosts productivity with an easy to use, automated system that stores all data related to the technicians visit in one place and makes the submission and signing of relevant documents a fast and easy, 4-step process:

  • Add new customer
  • Apply contact details
  • Submit services’ description and cost
  • E-sign the document


E-signature is featured as an optional step and it is available for the technician and the customer as well.  The final form can be sent to the customer by e-mail, thus eliminate the use of paper.

Data secure collection, tracking and storage

Site Visits app collects useful data, such as customer contact details, notice date, description of services delivered and overall cost of the visit. All data is securely guarded on a SharePoint site, so it can be retrieved when necessary. Documents’ status can be either submitted or remain as a draft, for further editing.

Through the app three types of all-time reports are available: by technician, by kind of service and by individual record status.


  • Build a consistent customer database at no extra cost
  • Send documents to customers through email – papers can be lost, emails never
  • Save time and effort to your workforce by avoiding manual entries
  • Transform your business by inquiring a pioneer digital solution
  • Keep records of workload and operations and improve productivity
  • Reduce unnecessary printing and save resources on consumables
  • Reduce paperwork and contribute to businesses' sustainability goals


Key – Features

 Power app based on Microsoft 365 platform – no complex architecture is required

  • Tablet-friendly interface
  • Automated calendar formed by date entries
  • Embedded “Add new client” form – no CRM / ERP connection is needed for data entry
  • Customable interface is supported in settings
  • Navigate easily through documents using the Search bar

Application Screenshots

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