Candi Weather

SharePoint Web-Part

Weather WebPart

Candi Weather is a custom web part for modern sharepoint and sharepoint online. It provides current weather and 3 days forecast info, such as temperature, wind and humidity, using the API of Furthermore, you have the ability to choose between Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin units as well as date format.

How to configure

Click the pencil icon (properties) to configure the Webpart

You must create an API key from You will have to sign up first.

After you have created the key, you must insert it into the 'API key' input

Type the title you want to be shown and select the temperature unit and date format form the dropdown.

1. If you want to display one location with forecast, you must select 'One location with 3 days forecast' functionality. You must insert only one location id.

2. If you want to display multiple locations, you must select 'multiple Locations' functionality. You can insert as many ids as you want separated by comma

In order to find your location id, you can go to and search your city, at the list of the results click on your city and check the url (see bellow the example, the number is the location id)

Now place the id numbers in the 'Location IDs' input

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