Brings the world’s leading e-signature platform (DocuSign) to every single company

CandiSign is an application that brings the world of digital signatures and automated document and agreement management to every business, no matter what their back-end system is. This cloud-based solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure, connects your ERP, CRM or Collaboration solution, to DocuSign’s service. 

The solution comes with pre-built functionality, so several of well-known back-end systems are already supported. CandiSign can connect with major ERP systems (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP etc), as well as local ERPs. It can also connect with well-established CRM systems (Microsoft CRM, SalesForce etc.), and collaboration systems such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint and other.  

Since it can be integrated with virtually any back end, it is available for companies of all sizes. Using CandiSign small and medium businesses can also implement a powerful solution, typically available to largest organizations. 


  • Instant installation and implementation.  
  • Full legal compliance since DocuSign’s certified e-signature engine is used 
  • Digitization of signatures
  • Reduce time consumption in process of signing documents from different individuals
  • Optimize document related business processes
  • Reduce waste and contribute to businesses’ sustainable development
  • Secure e-signing in users-owned Microsoft Properties


DocuSign: the world’s #1 electronic signature product  

DocuSign has developed an elegant, fast, secure and reliable solution that provides both document management tools and the legal level demanded by governmental or other authorities through certified e-signatures. 

DocuSign is the global leader on this field with 82% of the agreements managed by the platform, to get completed in less than a day! Almost half of them is completed in less than 15 minutes! DocuSign is now being used by millions of users in 190 countries around the world, offering its solution as a Cloud service, available from any device at any time or place.  

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