HR Requests

Αn automated system that supports employees’ HR requests

HR Requests is a multiplatform app, designed to support employees to submit and monitor their leave and expense requests by using an easy to use, automated system.  Through the app, the ΗR team can easily handle, review, and monitor all HR related requests, thus improve automation and employee experience. 

The solution, based on Microsoft’s 365 Platform (SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate and Teams), is ideal for small and mid-size enterprises, helping them to automate HR requests’ workflows and therefore increase productivity, eliminate mistakes made by manual entries, reduce information clutter, and save time and effort to their workforce.  

Personalization & roles 

Every user, according to its role has a personalized view of the system.  Through the “My Dashboard” screen, each employee can track the status of his inquiry or leave comments, submit a new request simply by filling a form and monitor data and statistics regarding his leave balance and expenses. 

Users with specific roles (Manager, HR Account, Accountant, Admin, etc.) have access to an additional screen where they can proceed to all requested actions. The workflow of the approval process differs according to the type of request.  Every user involved in the process gets an email notification, once the status of the request has been changed.  For each approver, the actions and date of action are recorded as data, in the requested record.  

Data Collection 

All data is securely guarded on a SharePoint Site, where it is stored in numerous lists such as Leave Requests (and their types), Roles, Stats regarding the available and spent days, Expense Requests (and requested items), Cost Centers etc. Therefore all information is easily and rapidly accessible.  


  • Increase productivity and employee engagement  
  • Minimize manual work and human errors  
  • Personal user experience through self-service operations 
  • Email notifications to alert everyone to undertake actions or to receive updates of a status change 
  • Reduce paperwork and contribute to businesses’ sustainable development 
  • Security. Access to information is limited to those who need it 


  • The only prerequisite is the use of Microsoft’s 365 Platform (SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate and Teams) 
  • Additional advanced automations are possible through the use of Power Automate tool 
  • Capability of integration with Microsoft Teams  
  • Easy information sharing, without mail exchange 
  • Automatic backup – no worries of losing data 
  • User-friendly interface with configurable requests forms 

Application Screenshots

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