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Many companies embraced change as the COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges and continues to have a multi-sector impact on nations, businesses, and citizens. As cloud computing continues to grow, there are three major trends for the post-COVID era: cost optimization, containerization and serverless computing, and edge.

The cloud is a dominant force and the pandemic further demonstrated that many processes can be managed remotely if companies have the right cloud implementation in place. Examine recent growth trends, find out how to navigate them, and see how they’re likely to evolve.

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Carhartt is making smarter decisions and streamlining its workflows with the Microsoft #SurfaceHub. See how they’re using it to build stronger partnerships and forge new productivity connections in this article!

Offloading server/storage infrastructures to #Microsoft reduces up to 80% in administration costs. Subscribe now to learn how you can take advantage of these cost savings with #Azure.

As many startups grow, they encounter scaling challenges and latency. For dv01, a financial reporting and analytics company, Microsoft SQL Server provided the solution. Watch this video to learn how @MicrosoftAzure enabled faster response times and cut #dv01’s management time by 90%.

When Suffolk Construction needed to streamline their operations and empower intuitive, efficient teamwork, they turned to Microsoft. Now, they enjoy cutting-edge collaborative design capabilities and video-conference experiences never before possible. Watch this video and contact CANDI to learn more.

Secure Infographic

Learn why companies choose #Azure for unmatched security, from @Microsoft’s 90+ compliance offerings to 3,500 dedicated security experts. Check out this infographic and contact CANDI to learn more.

When Photobooth Supply Co. saw an opportunity to reimagine a staple of the events industry, they knew they’d need the right tools to make their dream a reality. Now, their photo booths inspire creativity and capture memories using the go-anywhere flexibility and power of Microsoft #Surface. Watch this video and contact CANDI to learn more.

Microsoft Azure Arc is a set of software technologies that is designed to help companies meet their governance challenges and make Azure services available everywhere across diverse and sometimes sprawling infrastructures.

With Azure Arc, familiar Azure tools, technologies, and methods can be used across environments, including environments with limited or no connectivity to Azure.

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Windows and SQL Server: The Best of Azure

Microsoft is the only cloud provider with end-to-end hybrid infrastructure. Check out this flyer to learn more about why Windows Server and SQL Server are best on #Azure, from one-stop support to unmatched security.

Microsoft commits to three main pillars in its advanced data security: data classification, vulnerability assessments, and threat detection. Learn more about Azure’s intelligent security capabilities with this episode from the Azure Government series.

Looking to get an even better return on your #Microsoft365 investment? Reduce the costs of security breaches while boosting your team’s productivity with Microsoft #Surface – the device platform build from the ground up to help you get the most out of the productivity and communication platform your team trusts. Check out this infographic to see how Microsoft Surface can maximize the value of your Microsoft 365 solution, and contact CANDI to learn more.