Information on the Cookies Policy

You can take some time to read this policy and get all the relevant Cookies Policy information At our site we use Cookies to make your experience better on our site. Using cookies help us improve the functionality of our site, make your browsing easier and make your options easier. So we can provide you with personalized content and ads based on your interests and needs. In addition, Cookies are used to analyze the traffic of our site and to identify pages that need to be improved. Our goal is to improve our site to continually provide better services and experience while visiting our users.

At our site the primary objective is to protect the privacy of visitors to the website and for this reason we maintain a rigorous policy. You can spend some time reading this policy so you can understand the type of cookies we use, the information we collect using cookies, and how this information is used. By using our website you agree to the use of Cookies under this policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files with information that a web site saves on a user's computer (usually on a web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc.) so that whenever the user logs on to the site, the latter retrieves such information and provides the user with services related thereto. A prime example of such information is the user's preferences on a website, as stated by the user's choices on the specific site (e.g. selecting specific "buttons", searches, ads, etc.).

Information on the management of Cookies

You can manage your cookies preferences through cookie banner, which is available on the website's footer or by clicking here

By “clicking” the “Accept” button , you accept the use of all cookies to “remember” your preferences while browsing, analyzing the performance and functionality of our site and providing personalized advertisements.

The “Accept” button will activate only those necessary for the operation of the site cookies and, if you wish, the additional cookies categories you will choose.

You can modify your preferences at any time (except for the technical ones).

Cookies Categories


They allow for basic site functions such as navigating and accessing secure areas of the website, adding products to the basket, and checkout. The necessary Cookies are necessary for the site to function properly and serve the purpose of the user's visit (e.g. check the purchase price).


Functionality cookies “memorize” the user's preferences while browsing the website, in order to provide improved and personalized functions according to the user's needs and interests. This category includes cookies with information such as the shopping cart, but also information for safe browsing. The information is anonymous.


Statisticalcookies or analytics cookies are a subset of cookies preferences and enable us to understand how visitors use and interact with different pages, collecting and reporting anonymously information. In addition to these cookies we evaluate the effectiveness of the various functions of our site in order to continuously improve the experience we offer. They are also used to create useful reports to improve the performance of our site in general.


These cookies are used to provide advertisements with content that suits users and their interests. They can be used to send targeted advertising or personalized offers for the user. They also help us measure the performance of advertising campaigns.

How to check cookies

You can configureyour web browser to warn you about the use of cookies and not allow it to be accepted in any circumstances. In this case some services and functions may not work.

You can configureyour web browser to warn you about the use of cookies and not allow it to be accepted in any circumstances. In this case some services and functions may not work.

You can even delete all cookies already on your device by deleting your browser's history. This will delete all cookies from all websites visited by that browser. Note, however, that some stored data may be lost(e.g. saved login information, site preferences).

In addition, you can prevent Google from collecting data through cookies and subsequent data processing by downloading and installing the browser add-on from the following address:

To manage and disable cookies, you can follow the relevant instructions for each type of browser:

The following pages provide the instructions for setting cookies in the most popular web browsers:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari

Cookie settings in Edge