Incident Management

Incident Management makes project & task completion a simple process

Incident Management, helps in the project management process by recording all the processes and actions taken to address and solve critical problems in a business, from how incidents are detected and communicated, who is responsible, resolution, etc.


The Incident Management App, serves all 5 phases of the implementation of a project


Project planning


Monitoring and Controlling


and ensures a number of unique advantages for each organization such as :

  • Reduce email exchange by 90%

  • Strategic planning, easier execution and completion of the project

  • Definition of an action plan & time plan for easier monitoring of the project

  • Better management of customers and resources

  • Reduction of time &cost

  • Categorization of needs and priorities

  • Better management of customers and resources

  • Cooperation between teams

  • Easy monitoring and improvement at every stage of the project

  • Simplified control and approvals process

  • Creation of quantitative & qualitative KPIs that help in the best & most economical solution of the problem

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