Room and Equipment Reservation

Room and Equipment Reservation

Manage reservations of conference rooms and other resources

Manage reservations of conference rooms and other resources using a convenient color-coded calendar view. The system will prevent you from creating duplicate reservations and you can easily print your reservation calendar or save it as PDF

  • Resource Types - manage different types of resources in one unified system.
  • Resources - manage your resources and view/print their upcoming reservations directly. Each resource can be assigned color under which it will appear in the calendar view.
  • Reservations - select a resource, enter purpose, dates and save. If you are reserving for yourself, your details are filled out automatically, but you can easily reserve for anyone else as well. The system will not allow you to create duplicate reservations.
  • Calendar - reservations are displayed on a color-coded calendar. Switch between day, week, month and Gantt views and filter by resource. Create new reservations directly from the calendar and print in any view, including all resources or just a specific resource, save the print-out as PDF and even directly email it to any user.

Note that because the whole system is based on regular SharePoint lists, without any custom data entry forms, you can freely modify the process to better adapt it to your specific needs, using just your browser, no development tools or experience necessary.

Upon site creation you need to add your users to the site groups. Once the site groups are populated, you can start using the process. Feel free to modify the site in any way you deem fit, adding or removing columns, adding or modifying list views or changing the homepage layout.

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