Project Management

Project Management

Manage and track customers, projects, tasks and work hours

  • Manage all your projects from one centralized location.
  • Manage budgets, health, hour and cost assignment.
  • Create and track tasks and issues.
  • Track the time your employees spend working on projects.
  • Track project status and actual hours/cost vs. budget and identify problems straight away.
  • The system is completely based on regular SharePoint lists, so you can easily extend and adapt it to your own needs, without any development costs!

The system is comprised of the following modules:

  1. Dashboard* - one-glance overview of all the projects, tasks and issues, with color-coded indicators.
  2. Customers - enter and manage customer details. Because the information is kept in a regular SharePoint list, you can extend it to better suit your needs at any time, without even taking the system offline!
  3. Projects - enter and manage projects, including assigned employees, hour reporting, budget control and status. The list is color-coded, so you can notice problem at a glance!
  4. Tasks - subdivide your projects into tasks and track each task separately. Know instantly which task is within budget and which is problematic. Tasks are added directly from within the project, so you never lose context!
  5. Work Hours - allow your employees to report the work hours spent on each project. You can extend the list with your own columns, such as manager approval or overtime reporting.
  6. Reports - view reports of the entered information. You can view the total of workhours submitted by any employee, as well as see a color indicator of the project current status vs the budgeted hours.

You can enhance the system even further by adding alerts (using Smart Alert Pro) and print-out (using Smart Print Pro).
* included in the on-premises version, can be added in the cloud using provided app parts.

Upon site creation you need to add your users to the site groups. Once the site groups are populated, you can start using the process. Feel free to modify the site in any way you deem fit, adding or removing columns, adding or modifying list views or changing the homepage layout.

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