A simple and 100% Customizable Loyalty Platform

Open Loyalty is a loyalty software for developing dedicated loyalty applications for large scale projects. It's 100% customizable platform with ready to use loyalty and gamification features.

Top 100 Loyalty Programs benchmark report

See loyalty strategies and mechanics that work for leading brands

  • Top loyalty programs analyzed

    Learn and inspire from loyalty programs from 100 leading brands on the market

  • What's inside?

    We create the report to inspire you to create and execute the effective loyalty strategy at your business

  • Leaders in the industry

    Find inspirations for your loyalty strategy from top 100 brands from 11 categories including fashion, banking, FMCG, automotive, sport, home, entertainment and others.

  • Loyalty mechanics that work

    Know the loyalty mechanics that stands behind the exiting and proven loyalty programs. Recognize their touchpoints, earning and rewarding rules, a model of segmentation or benefits offered.

  • Strategic loyalty insights

    Investigate and learn from customer loyalty strategies applied in various brands. Spot the most valuable loyalty tactics used to deliver high performance of the loyalty program.

Great solution for

Custom loyalty program

Launching a dedicated and fully customized loyalty program

Mobile loyalty applications

Developing an omnichannel loyalty program with a mobile application

Moving to Loyalty 3.0

Extending your loyalty application with a new set of powerful loyalty and gamification features

Coalition loyalty program

Loyalty extension or module

Creating your own product

The solution

Open Loyalty is the customer loyalty technology of the future. Customizable. Scalable. Open source.

Open Loyalty is 100% customizable loyalty platform, with ready-to-use loyalty and gamification features, quick to set up and integrate, fully customizable in design and additional functionalities, ready to work on-line and off-line.

Key advantages


Thanks to ready-to-use features and an open architecture your projects can be delivered faster


The platform is prepared for large-scale projects thanks to Docker, Kubernetes and various scalability mechanics

100% customizable

Having full access to the source code, you can easily change anything and add your own unique customization's

Great Dev experience

Good documentation, development patterns, and proven tech-stack provide a great developer’s experience

Key Features

360° members management

Add & manage customers in your loyalty application, track their transactions and behavior

Levels management

Define and manage levels based on spending or number of points


You can use Admin Cockpit, POS Cockpit, Client Cockpit or create a custom one

Earning rules

Give points or rewards with transactional or behavioral Earning rules

Reward campaigns

Create and manage multiple types of rewards including coupons, gifts or cashback


Integrate your loyalty application with your current ecosystem, creating a truly omnichannel experience

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