Ultimate Forms

Use your SharePoint to implement any business process in minutes, using nothing but your browser.

Code-free toolkit delivering powerful applications to meet your business demands.


Use your browser to extend existing forms with tabbed interface, tab and column permissions, repeating sections, electronic signatures and much more


Use your browser to set up importing data from emails and databases, implement advanced business logic, print and convert to PDF


Use your browser to set up fully customized alerts, conditional formatting, color-coded calendars, KPIs, progress bars and charts

Easily Implement Business Solutions

Ultimate Forms enables business users, not IT personnel or developers, to create powerful SharePoint applications without custom code.

Ultimate Forms has a complete library of form, process and reporting components designed to work together seamlessly to create reliable and easy-to-use solutions. Your business users can create powerful solutions quickly, allowing them to stay focused on driving business value.

Advanced, Dynamic Forms

Use the powerful forms components to capture information from your users with an easy-to-use interface

  • Extend regular SharePoint forms
  • Tabbed interface with tab-level permissions
  • Advanced input validation
  • Numerous additional column types
  • Repeating sections, relationships and drilldowns
  • Electronic signatures for list items
  • Automatically pre-filled forms based on user identity

Business Logic and Processes

Control the flow of information and enforce your business rules with process components

  • Import data from emails or line-of-business applications
  • Automatically execute actions to create and update data within SharePoint and beyond
  • Create list data, lists and site via automated processes
  • Easily implement multi-stage business processes, e.g. approvals
  • Add your own context menu and ribbon commands
  • Advanced list search capabilities, with saved presets
  • Completely browser-based, no external tools required

Reporting and Visualization

Increase communication, visibility, and analytics with the reporting components

  • Create custom alerts, based on conditions and using your own email templates
  • Represent data as color-coded, printable calendars
  • Color-code items in list views and create KPIs, progress bars and countdowns
  • Print out list data or convert into PDF in your own format
  • Visualize your data in 30+ chart types

All SharePoint versions, starting from 2007, are supported. Both WSS/Foundation and SharePoint Server are fully supported.

Sample business solutions