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Low Code

.@Gartner estimates that 65% of all app dev will be low-code by 2024. Get onboard build custom apps in hours—not months—that connect to your existing data and systems to solve problems faster and drive efficiency. Contact CANDI to get started!

Pivoting to an intelligent supply chain

Production processes of the past suffer latency with manual and paper-based processes. Pivot to an intelligent, responsive supply with AI-augmented decision-making by humans. Learn more with this #AI infographic:

AI-enhanced diagnostics, intelligent supply chains, digital twin technology: driven by the pandemic, these structural changes are happening faster now than ever. Microsoft has developed platforms and tools for you to keep up with this innovation and for companies to gain a competitive edge. Discover how we are helping customers prepare for the future!

Transition to Cloud Deployment checklist

Smart businesses know that cloud transformation equals stability and agility. You can make the transition easily with Microsoft 365—products that are uniquely positioned to help build resilience, enabling higher end-user productivity, and help save money. Review the infographic and get started today with this 5-step deployment checklist. Learn how you can rapidly deploy Teams, secure access, provide employees with support, and more.

Security and compliance budgets have gone up to better defend infrastructures in remote or hybrid work scenarios. Secure your business with technology you can trust, ensure only the right users have access without affecting productivity, and protect your data through security best practices and easy-to-use policies that prevent accidental data leaks. Microsoft 365 enables a safe transformation to the cloud.
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Migrate Web Apps

When you migrate your web applications to Azure App Service, Microsoft makes the migration process easy while providing multiple options. Learn about the three simple ways to migrate your apps with this infographic:

Innovative, intelligent supply chains with #Microsoft use data and insights to be able to sense, predict demand peaks, and shape outcomes. Learn more about the future of intelligent supply chains with this infographic.

Building Intelligent Cloud Applications

Take your app development skills to the next level when you combine serverless computing, AI, and Machine Learning to build intelligence into your applications. This eBook offers a step-by-step guide to help you build and deploy scalable machine learning models with Microsoft Azure.

Alcoa uses #Teams and #Microsoft 365 for solutions that enable its employees in Iceland to manage schedules efficiently, streamline processes, and improve communication. Check out this video and ask how Microsoft solutions can put your organization’s #FirstlineWorkers at the center of digital transformation.

What’s driving application modernization?

Digital transformation—the adoption of leading-edge technologies to improve business value and increase customer success—is seen by most organizations as more critical than ever and accelerated by the effects of the pandemic.

Application modernization is driven by a need for transformation, privacy, remote work, government regulation, risk assessment, worker productivity, data growth, and the need to stay competitive.

The Art of Teamwork Guide

Team building is fundamentally important for your business to thrive. #Microsoft Teams is there for you to help enhance the interpersonal dynamics of your team, by designing activities to bring teams closer together. Are you ready to dive in? Check out this article!

To maintain a resilient and growing supply chain, organizations need to be aware of new and growing trends. These five trends are important to consider in shaping an effective supply chain. Read this article from #Entrepreneur, and contact CANDI for more information.