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Migration strategies

Which migration strategy is the best choice for your business needs? #Microsoft provides flexible options and support as you migrate your apps to #Azure cloud. Learn about the 4 main strategies with this infographic, and contact CANDI for more information.

Watch this video to learn how genome researchers at Australian National University (ANU) are using AI, cloud technology, and Microsoft #Azure to increase the processing limits of their data and obtain new insights from their investigations.

Digital investment is critical for healthcare providers to power better patient experiences by increasing efficiency and modernizing outdated processes. See how the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, is using Microsoft #HealthIT to eliminate more than 80,000 paper faxes a year and support the department’s strategic vision of improving the lives of all.

NSW: Large-scale education

The New South Wales school system faces challenges supporting their investment in education technology. Watch this video to learn how a new collaboration hub, provided by #MicrosoftTeams, has changed the landscape of teaching and learning.

Reduce complexity and choose tools to fit your needs when you work with @MicrosoftAzure Migrate. Learn how #Microsoft can help simplify your app migration process and calculate cost savings with this video:

According to Gartner, there are 3 million current Windows 2008 licenses that need to be migrated but Azure partners see a gross margin of 49% practicewide after three years. #Azure cloud is redefining the small business playing field. Ready to help your customers take advantage of the Azure cloud and increase profits? Check out this article and contact CANDI to learn more.

Digital tools have allowed experts to process previously unheard-of amounts of data, enabling them to publish their results faster and add more value to their ongoing research. Watch this video to learn how scientists at Australian National University (ANU) are using the cloud and #AI capabilities of Microsoft #Azure to achieve advancements in their cutting-edge genome research.

Digital health solutions give health providers and professionals more tools to improve patient lifestyles and help them maintain optimum health longer through a more holistic approach to disease treatment and prevention. Learn how the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, is using Microsoft #Azure and #MSDyn365 to enable unified digital experiences among medical centers and provide better care.

NSW: Investing in education technology

Let’s face it. Today’s students are already immersed in technology outside of school; offering them access to the business world’s best applications exposes students to future workforce possibilities. An organization in New South Wales, Australia deployed #Teams as its hub for educational collaboration and communication for students and staff. Watch this video to see how it’s working.

#Microsoft provides tools for successful digital transformation that work flexibly within the company’s chosen migration process. Watch this video to learn more about why companies like #Albertsons, #HRBlock, and #CarlsbergGroup chose to migrate to @MicrosoftAzure for their business transformation.

Digital retail solutions must deliver game-changing experiences for your customers, but they must also make your business more agile and empower your decision-makers via accurate data. Follow CANDI to learn how #RetailTech is shaping the future of the industry and how you can get started with Microsoft Strategic Retail Solutions.

As the climate changes, the world’s population continues to grow, and resources become scarcer, farmers must turn to digital transformation to become more efficient and lessen their impact on the environment. Follow CANDI to learn how to renewable energy, automation, and Microsoft #Azure can be leveraged to increase yields and power sustainable operations.