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There are many approaches to digitally transforming public services, but there are 4 main characteristics that make up a reputable digital partner. Read this infographic to learn why #Microsoft has become the provider of choice when implementing public #DigitalTransformation, then contact CANDI to get started with Microsoft for Government.

Transitioning to new collaboration software without disrupting day-to-day operations is quite a challenge for any business. However, thanks to #MicrosoftTeams, it can be done by following these 7 time-tested steps. Read this infographic to learn more, then follow CANDI to get started with your #ModernWorkplace.

Using @Windows #VirtualDesktop, ESNEFT removed unnecessary stress with IT and devoted more time to provide excellent patient experience. Learn their story and how you can apply these solutions to your business.

9 tips for meeting with Microsoft Teams

New features in Microsoft Teams let you meet with anyone inside or outside your organization. For nine tips to host more productive meetings with attendees in or outside your organization, check out this blog post:

Built-in Hybrid infographic

Benefit from the @Microsoft seamless hybrid approach to cloud adoption when you choose #Azure, the tool designed and built to natively support hybrid environments from its inception. Learn more about Azure’s unique features with this infographic:

According to Gartner, the greatest barrier to entry for #IoT is the fact that most organizations don’t know how to apply this technology. And with over 65 percent of enterprises adopting IoT by 2020, staying out of the game is no longer an option. Download this guide to obtain a step-by-step framework for creating successful IoT initiatives, then follow CANDI to learn more about #AzureIoT.

#DigitalTransformation has enabled a renaissance within the #PublicSector, one that drives efficient, accessible services and is building trust between people and their local governments. To learn more about how you can drive a more efficient organization, follow CANDI.

Modern digital workspaces have saved 88 percent of #Microsoft customers over $5 million in three years. Follow CANDI to learn how you can save money and increase productivity with #MicrosoftTeams.

Saving Money with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps you improve access to information, save time, empower your workers, and drive financial success. To learn more about how Teams can increase your ROI, check out this infographic:

When you modernize your digital processes with @Microsoft, you can improve your company’s profitability and ensure data security. Subscribe now to learn how to maximize the value of SQL on #Azure.

In the digital age, experience is valued, but having the right data is priceless. With it, decision makers can completely avoid guesswork and predict possible issues before they even occur. Watch how Finning has successfully used #IoT to empower its workforce with customized, relevant data across all levels, then follow CANDI to get started with #AzureIoT.

Accessibility is crucial for citizens to feel protected and respected by their local governments. And thanks to #DigitalTransformation, institutions now have the tools to empower citizens to speak up and obtain the help they need. Watch this video to learn how Victoria, Australia partnered with #Microsoft to improve the lives of its entire population.