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With #MicrosoftTeams, #Office365, and business intelligence solutions like #PowerBI, your organization can share and analyze data across the entire enterprise to uncover insights that can help improve your company. Subscribe now to stay informed on this and other leading Microsoft solutions for business.

With the increased usage of @Microsoft Teams to conduct virtual meetings, the need for tactical best practices to protect your privacy from intruders is also on the rise. Check out this article and update your Teams settings to find easy ways to keep you secure!

Read the success stories of companies that increased workload performance and cut costs by moving their server workloads to @MicrosoftAzure. Learn how to find the migration path that’s best for your company with this eBook:

With @Microsoft Teams private channels, you can select specific people and have focused, private conversations without interrupting the workflow of the rest of your team. Check out this Microsoft Teams tutorial video to create private channels as you work remotely!

Streamline your IT services with @Microsoft cloud migration. Discover how the #CarlsbergGroup successfully migrated to #Azure to get scalable, efficient, and secure IT for a digital solution to market. Watch this video to learn more.

Watch this video to see how the Renault Sports team uses Microsoft #PowerBI and #Dynamics365 for Operations hosted in #Azure to process 35+ billion data points every race weekend to increase race car performance. Then contact CANDI and let us show you how Dynamics 365 can help drive your business across the finish line first.

In the crowded wellness industry, 24 Hour Fitness distinguishes itself through not only its innovative approach to fitness, but also its personalized approach to member service. The company is applying data analytics to member marketing by connecting #Dynamics365 with Adobe Experience Cloud hosted on #Microsoft #Azure to personalize messages to millions of members. Watch this video to see how 24 Hour Fitness is connecting marketing and sales data to help more people achieve their fitness goals, then contact CANDI to learn how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Watch this video to see how global entertainment giant AEG is using Microsoft technologies like #Office365, #PowerBI, and #Teams to produce and deliver unforgettable experiences to fans while also redefining the business side of entertainment in the digital age. Contact CANDI to learn how we can help you deliver memorable experiences to your customers using innovative Microsoft solutions.

Social Asset A: Expand Collaboration

Discover how @Microsoft Teams customizes and expand collaboration while working remotely, keeping your team engaged, connected, and secure. Subscribe here!

Reduce Costs Infographic

Innovation has supplanted cost savings as the primary driver of cloud migration for many businesses. But moving to the cloud needs to make sense for your bottom line, too. Learn how @Microsoft #Azure offers unique cost savings with this infographic:

Making choices with data and AI

In “Making Choices with Data and AI,” author Mark Robinson discusses how the rational objectivity of AI can help balance out inherent human bias when it comes to making business decisions. Read the article, then contact CANDI and let us show you how AI-assisted decision making and tools like #Microsoft #BusinessIntelligence can help guide your organization toward greater growth and success.

With so many options for #CRM, how do you choose the solution that’s right for your business? Read this article to discover what CRM vendors, users, and experts have to say about getting the most out of your customer relationship management system. Contact CANDI to learn how #MicrosoftDynamics365 can help transform your CRM efforts into continued growth for your business.