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Enhance supply chain visibility

Harnessing data in the cloud can help increase your supply chain’s resiliency, leading to improved demand planning and increased cash flow. Learn about other benefits of improving your supply chain visibility with this infographic from #Microsoft.

With SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, and Planner integration all at your fingertips within #Microsoft Teams, it’s easy to choose your favorite tool to expand your experience. To learn more, subscribe now!

For many executives, the customer experience is a pivotal and decisive factor when it comes to future business performance. As customers face pandemic-induced circumstances, companies must accelerate their plans for a digital transformation strategy catering to the needs and demands of the modern-day user. Discover more about digital transformation and contact CANDI to begin yours.

Did you know Microsoft Teams gives you different ways to link and host your apps or third-party programs on the platform? That includes bots in a channel to tabs that link directly to online content or services, as well as the ability to use tabs or create your own personal and channel options. Check out this article and contact CANDI to learn more.

#Chipotle Mexican Grill is a longtime leader and innovator in the food industry. @MicrosoftAzure and .NET are helping them achieve business success. In this video, learn how Chipotle’s ordering service is built in .NET to provide customers with a more personalized, efficient ordering experience.

Build the apps you’ve imagined for the rapidly evolving modern workplace with #Microsoft Teams. Check out this infographic for decision criteria, as well as how to amplify its reach in the gobal Teams app store. Contact CANDI to get started.

Automate and streamline your supply chain

To improve product traceability, technology must deliver intelligent insights on every transaction. Take a deeper look into how to effectively automate and streamline your supply chain with this video about #Dynamics365 and other specific technologies:

What do you do when faced with disparate solutions for hybrid work? Microsoft Teams creates the digital equivalent of the spontaneous communications that happen in an office setting, so employees feel connected, collaborative, and safe. Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) implemented Microsoft Teams in their effort to streamline communication tools. The combination of Teams and a hybrid work policy expanded their recruiting area, drawing talent by offering leading-edge tools and a people-first culture.

Consolidating on a single solution drives efficiency and collaboration, improving customer service—all while saving costs.

Reduce costs with unbeatable offers

Migrating to the cloud needs to drive innovation while still making sense for your bottom line. @MicrosoftAzure offers intelligent security, seamless hybrid capabilities, and unique cost-savings options. Learn more about #Azure services with this infographic:

Spotlight on Teams

Microsoft Teams announces innovative new updates and integrations at Virtual Microsoft Build 2020. Check out this Forbes article and subscribe, contact CANDI to learn more. Be sure your business knows the latest tech news to harness the full power of Microsoft and drive success in this new virtual workplace.

As global conditions and customer expectations shift rapidly, innovation, efficiency, and resilience are more important than ever to business. With Microsoft Azure, you experience lightning-fast innovation, elastic scalability, cost savings, and better performance.

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#AI and #MachineLearning solutions in the supply chain are advancing. Over the next seven years, the majority of the industry is predicted to reach supply chain maturity. Learn what technologies may become popular in the next three years with this infographic.