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Ever heard someone argue that open source isn’t secure? Or that open source is difficult to maintain? Myths and misconceptions can hold your team back. Debunk the four most common misconceptions about open source and make the most of your #DevOps transformation with answers from #Microsoft.

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#Dynamics365 enables companies to keep up with digital sales, including #Microsoft itself. Learn how the Digital Sales team at Microsoft leverages #AI-driven solutions to accelerate sales, work together while apart, and adjust to every situation.

New features in Microsoft Teams let you meet with anyone inside or outside your organization. For 9 tips to host more productive meetings with attendees in or outside your organization, check out this blog post:

Alaska Airlines makes shopping easier

A great online shopping experience begins with great software. In this video, see how #AlaskaAirlines is using microservices, Microsoft Azure, and Windows Server Containers with Docker to launch new e-commerce features faster—in minutes versus days. When you’re ready to enhance your organization’s online services, contact CANDI to learn more.

Saving Money with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps you improve access to information, save time, empower your workers, and drive financial success. To learn more about how Teams can increase your ROI, check out this infographic:

With the recent pandemic changing everything, Ciacci Winery is reimagining the future of its business with a blend of tradition and technology using #Microsoft Teams. Check out their virtual wine tasting and the new frontier for their business with Teams!

For Czech company #ComAp, the effort to be always there for its customers has become one of the company’s essential values. Learn how digitalization of sales has enabled global consolidation and consistency throughout their offices with this short video:

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Microsoft Transforms its Sales Practices

Microsoft supports customers on their path to digital evolution, but it also continues to innovate its own approach to sales with tools like #Dynamics365 and #SalesNavigator. Learn how @Microsoft’s own Inside Sales team is keeping up with social listening, customer research, and innovative technology.


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Provide seamless multichannel experiences and unify data sources to better serve customers by implementing Azure #DevOps. Watch the video below to see how H&R Block enhanced service delivery with #Microsoft. Contact CANDI to learn more.

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