AI Security Monitoring System

AI Security Monitoring System

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video surveillance / Security systems beside technical limitations, like limited area monitoring have one major flaw, they need a responsible party to monitor the camera feeds and identify abnormal or suspicious behavior. While this will probably identify an incident almost real-time, it is still vulnerable to human error due to fatigue, distractions and other similar factors or misinterpretation. Not to mention how costly it is to have surveillance stuff employed round-the-clock. Most systems simply settle for continuous recording, in order to investigate an incident and determine the cause after the fact.

CANDI’s AI Security Monitoring System acts as a second pair of eyes and identifies real-time abnormal behavior. It can also be trained to identify illegal or forbidden items according to your needs, by using the latest Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services technology. Everything the system identifies is logged and presented in a modern interactive dashboard, that can monitor different locations simultaneously and present different level of warnings for each location. In case an incident is identified the system notifies the user responsible via the Dashboard and email or SMS and, provides the user several actions to perform, like opening the camera feed to identify the incident or sound an alarm. The incidents can then be flagged as false or true, to further train the system and improve its accuracy in real world conditions.

Some Use Cases for Face and object recognition

  • Security and Surveillance- Real-time facial identification

Monitor large groups of people and rapidly identify potential security threats at airports, public gatherings or sports arenas using real-time face – object detection and blacklist check.

  • Access control- Constant people and property protection

Provide a safer environment for your employees and visitors by using facial biometrics to control access and accurately monitor individuals on your premises.

  • Retail analytics - Marketing data collection for the retail sector

Carry out comprehensive analysis of in-store customers using facial biometrics to provide demographic information. Easily analyze how many people enter retail premises, time spent in-store, gender split, age demographics, and much more. Build up a profile of customers and calculate visit frequency, conversion rates, seasonal trends, and outliers.

  • Loyalty programs - Improved VIP customers experience

Improve your VIP customer experience utilizing facial recognition. Identify the key clients and customers immediately after entering your premises and provide them with special services. Automatically create lists of return customers and reward the right ones accordingly.

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